Shoptoit Search Platform

Create a perpetual stream of new customers from local search on Google.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use & always on
  • Fast setup and maintenance
  • Affordable modules for any size budget

How it works with QuickBooks

Our app allows you to connect your Shoptoit account with Intuit to automatically add your business information and the products / services you provide to your Shoptoit account - allowing us to build a profile of your business for Google search, and drive new customers to your place of business when they are searching for the products and services you sell.


Your future customers are searching from various devices, apps and platforms for the services you provide. You need to be there, in their local search results, and you need the tools to convert them from searcher to customer. Our automated platform is built specifically to help you get leads from your local market. Whether you have a website or not, our automated solution can help you get found within mere minutes, at a fraction of the cost, with no experience required.


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Creating a Shoptoit account is always free. No credit card is required, purchase module add-ons when you like, and we require no contracts or setup fees.

Search Optimized Mobile Landing Page Free Unlimited Our Search Optimized Landing Pages are built to drive new cutomers to your business, are created automatically from the business information you provide us, and require no technical or design skills. Receive a free landing page upon signing up.
Local Discovery Optimizer $30/month Unlimited Includes Google My Business management, Listings management across various sites and apps, as well as back-link juice (using your existing site, or our Google-approved mobile site if you do not have one of your own).
Search Optimized Unlimited Mobile Website $60/month Unlimited Our Search Optimized Mobile Websites are fully automated - you simply input your business information, and we do the rest! Our sites are built to drive new customers to your business when they are searching for the products or services you sell.
Locally Targeted AdWords $15/month + ad spend Unlimited Our Automated Google AdWords module automatically creates unlimited cost-effective, locally targeted Google AdWord campaigns for each product and service your business provides.

We are here to help! If you have questions, or would like to learn more about our platform, feel free to book a call with our team anytime:

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Will my free landing page ever expire?
No. As long as you have a Shoptoit account, your free landing page will be active, and will always be free.
What if I have my own website?
If you have a mobile-friendly website that contains information on the products and services you sell, we can drive local traffic to your existing site.
Do I need to have technical skills to use your platform?
Our platform is built to help small businesses who do not have the time, skills or budget to manage search on their own. We handle all aspects of setup, and are here to help you every step of the way. No technical skills required!