ShopKeep Point of Sale

A powerful POS system to manage and grow your business


With ShopKeep you can ring up sales, manage inventory and staff, and use intelligent reporting to run a smarter business. Plus, send data directly to QuickBooks Online every night for easy accounting and major time savings.

Easy, automatic QuickBooks Online integration

Get two detailed journal entries with every ShopKeep shift, including sales data and all cash drawer transactions.

Point of sale you can be proud of, for any business

ShopKeep's iPad POS is elegant, easy-to-use, and looks great on your counter! It works well for retail, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and much more.

Flexible payment options to keep everyone happy

ShopKeep accepts cash, credit, gift cards, and Apple Pay and offers an EMV-capable card reader

Reporting you can rely on

Check your sales in real-time and run detailed analysis on your top-selling items, inventory margins, and what your best customers are buying.

Sales tracking on the move with ShopKeep Pocket

Track your sales from anywhere with a beautiful mobile app.

Support every step of the way

Beginning with your POS specialist during your initial setup, continuing with your ShopKeep Expert for the next 60 days, and onward to an award-winning customer care team, ShopKeep will always be there to help you run your business.

Easy, automatic QuickBooks Online integration
Point of sale you can be proud of, for any business
Flexible payment options to keep everyone happy
Reporting you can rely on
Sales tracking on the move with ShopKeep Pocket
Support every step of the way



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ShopKeep is easy to get started with

Single Register + QuickBooks Online Integration $84 per month 100 1 Register - Unlimited Users - Unlimited Customers - Unlimited Products - Automated Accounting with QuickBooks Online - Unlimited 24/7 Phone and Email Support

Every plan comes with free and unlimited phone and email support. We’ve got your back!


Online support:


How detailed is this integration?
About as detailed as you can get! Track every cent that is paid out of the cash drawers for expenses, tip payouts, and inventory purchases. You'll know exactly how much was dropped into the safe immediately, and who was responsible for every drop. These drops will then show up in the deposit window. Automatic updates in QuickBooks Online mean you see everything.
Great I love that you track my cash drawer what about my sales?
Sales are posted as Journal Entries into QuickBooks Online, specifying the department and store location. This allows you to report by department, by store, or both! We won’t mess up your QuickBooks files with every single transaction.
What happens if I use gift cards?
Gift cards are a fantastic idea. We properly account for gift card sales as liabilities in QuickBooks Online. This saves you the headache of making adjustments yourself later on. We even sell gift cards that will work seamlessly with ShopKeep. Just ask!
What do I need to do once this integration is set up?
Well, nothing really! Everything is automatic. Set it and forget it. This saves you from hours of extra work, unnecessary costs and the chance of potential errors that come from manually entering information.