Retail Market

POS for Grocery and Specialty Markets

Key benefits

  • Back office: Cloud-based back office management and reporting. Inventory, Product management, employee management, and comprehensive reporting.
  • Payments: PCI compliant EBT food and cash, EMV, Gift card support.
  • Peripherals: All in One touch screen, Scanner scale, customer display, receipt printers, and cash drawers.

How it works with QuickBooks

Once your business is connected to QuickBooks, your key sales and employee data will flow into QuickBooks overnight.


Retail Market is the best point of sale solution available for small- to medium-sized grocery markets, organic food stores or natural grocers.


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Pricing includes software license, support, hosting, and updates

1 Lane Market 100 Unlimited Per Month Per Lane
2 Lane Market 200 Unlimited Per Month
3 Lane Market 300 Unlimited Per Month

We have a friendly team support technicians on call 24/7. Our team strives to keep the hundreds of thousands of lanes that we support up 100% of the time. We pride ourself on our ability to quickly resolve technical issues whether it be internet, credit card processors, or hardware failure.

(951) 682-6277
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How do I connect my system to QuickBooks?
1. Go to the Roles form. 2. For Backend, ensure that QuickBooks is selected. 3. Log out and log back in. 4. Select QuickBooks. 5. Connect your business to QuickBooks.