Receipt Attacher

Be in-compliance. Automatic upload of receipts from email to QuickBooks


Match and upload receipts from Gmail/G-Suite directly to QuickBooks Online effortlessly. Be prepared and in compliance - It doesn't get any simpler, e-receipts will be automatically attached to QuickBooks Online bank or credit-card transactions.

Peace of mind - always be compliant with the right receipts!

'1/10/2017 Amazon $9.99' - is this the cloud subscription service or the cereal we bought? With Receipt Attacher, Expense information is always correct and complete with vendor, date, time and description details.

Save time without changing the way you work

We know and appreciate your desire to remain focused on bookkeeping and complete your work faster. For that, we made sure that you will not need to leave your QuickBooks screen when you need more information about your transaction. The receipt is available as an attachment below the transaction description.

Always up to date

After the simple one-time signup process with your Gmail/G-Suite account, your transactions book will always be updated and will include e-receipts that were uploaded from your email account. You have the flexibility to define the upload frequency to keep your books up to date.

Signup and Receipt Attacher will handle the rest

Sign up with your Gmail/G-Suite account. Receipt Attacher will detect e-receipts in your email account. Receipt Attacher will find expenses for travel, suppliers, or a gadget purchased from Amazon as well as a utility bill or cloud subscription service. Receipts will be matched with the corresponding bank or credit card transactions in QuickBooks. Matched receipts will be uploaded and attached to the QuickBooks transaction - all automatically.

Peace of mind - always be compliant with the right receipts!
Save time without changing the way you work
Always up to date
Signup and Receipt Attacher will handle the rest


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Free 30-day trial.

Up to 250 receipts per month $9 999 Ideal for small businesses.
Unlimited $14 999 For freelance accountants and larger businesses.

If you have questions please email us at Our team is proud to provide outstanding support! You can also call 650-223-5396 and speak to a live person.


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Why should I use Receipt Attacher?
Save hours of work each month! We have found that Receipt Attacher saves an average of 4 minutes per transaction, which accumulate to many hours per month. Instead of reading transaction details, finding the email with the receipt in your inbox, downloading the receipt and then attaching it to the transaction - the receipt will be ready in your QuickBooks account. After a one-time signup step, your receipts will always be ready in the right place in QuickBooks.
Who is Receipt Attacher for?
Receipt Attacher is for anyone who needs to match and attach electronic receipts from your email account to transactions at QuickBooks whether you need to understand what the transaction is about, or if you need a copy of the receipt for your records. Please note that Receipt Attacher currently supports Gmail/G-Suite email accounts.
What if my receipts are in my Outlook or Yahoo account?
At this stage we support Gmail/G-Suite (aka Google Apps) account integration. Our support team is ready to help you with setting up your current email account, so receipts will be forwarded to the Gmail account. It is required that your Gmail account be connected with Receipt Attacher (1 simple step).
Can Receipt Attacher find and match receipts for old transactions?
Yes! Receipt Attacher will be able to scan ANY transaction in QuickBooks and find the receipt for it, no matter how old it is.