myEtimecard is a mobile timecard and job tracking app

Key benefits

  • Easy to Use: > Effortless setup > Five simple icons control all functionality > Everything is simple and intuitive > Quickly identify the location of your employees in real time > Employee tracking via mobile app
  • Saves Money: > Eliminate wage theft, timecard collection and hours queries from employees > No more rounding, holding up payroll, manual calculations or wasting management time collecting timecards > Employees have access to all of their data
  • Ensures Compliance: > Complies with all California labor laws > Overtime and meal breaks automatically and correctly calculated > Secure cloud storage meets all record keeping requirements > Always accurate, easily accessible and exportable

How it works with QuickBooks

myEtimecard seamlessly talks to QuickBooks Online account and keeps both the systems updated with no manual intervention. The QuickBooks plugin enables the following: > Keep employee masters in sync between both systems > Updates daily time and attendance details into QuickBooks once approved in myEtimecard > Lets you settle your books of accounts centrally in QuickBooks with no manual data entries > You could simply choose as to which system would be your employee master and the plugin would do the rest to keep employee information in sync


myEtimecard is a mobile timecard and job tracking app. It is the easiest to use, ensures compliance and saves you money. myEtimecard offers the following features: > Employee Tracking: Keep a track of your workforce to ensure accountability > Payroll Compliance: Comply with all overtime and double overtime rules > Mobile Timecards: Timecards on the go with no more disconnects with employees > Employee Management and Easy onboarding of employees > Ensures Compliance of US and California Labor Laws > Job Costing & Geofencing: Derive job costing based on actual time spent > Organization hierarchy to manage complex business setups


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30 day free trial, no credit card required, plans start at $3/employee/mo.

Small Business - Starter $18 3 $18 - includes 3 employees
Growing Business $4 50 $4/employee per month up to 50 employees
Enterprise Users > 50 employees < $4 Unlimited Call for a custom quote

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How do I install the bridge between myEtimecard and QuickBooks Online?
Simply login to your myEtimecard admin console. Navigate to company submenu and then click on Plugins. You would see the option to connect to QuickBooks, which would take you to QuickBooks login screen. Here you may enter the QuickBooks credentials to authorize myEtimecard to connect to QuickBooks.
How do I create an account with myEtimecard?
To start using myEtimecard, you may visit and register for free, using your email address and start with your 30 day free trial.
What all information would be exchanged with myEtimecard?
The only data that would be sent to your QuickBooks account would be your employee's daily time and attendance information from myEtimecard. This would save your manual data entry hassles. You may choose to keep QuickBooks as your employee master, which would mean that employee data in QuickBooks would never be updated, but would be referenced by myEtimecard whenever you update an employee in QuickBooks.