Sales tax preparation, filing and payment automation with audit protection

Key benefits

  • Automatic Filing - Touch-free Tax Returns™ in every state where you collect sales tax
  • Powerful Protection - LumaTax protects you from audits and penalties. Guaranteed.
  • Risk-Free Trial - Your first filing in each jurisdiction is always FREE

How it works with QuickBooks

With LumaTax, sales tax filing is 100% automated, meaning touch-free, paper-free, and worry-free… forever. Simply connect your QuickBooks Online account in a few easy steps and let LumaTax handle it from there.


Designed by industry experts, LumaTax is the first and only integrated QuickBooks application offering transactional analysis, compliance assessment, and nexus determination as part of an all-in-one touch-free sales tax solution for small business owners.



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A LumaTax subscription plan scales with you as your business grows. No contracts. No setup fees.

One State $45/Month Unlimited Includes 1 state/jurisdiction with unlimited transactions and locations.
Multiple States $95/Month Unlimited Includes 3 states/jurisdictions with unlimited transactions and locations.
National Contact Us Unlimited Includes unlimited states/jurisdictions with unlimited transactions and locations.

We provide expert support via email and phone to all of our customers. Please contact if you have any issues whatsoever. We're happy to help!

Online support:


Is LumaTax available in my state?
Yes! LumaTax serves all 45 states that have sales tax. Please note, however, that there may be issues in a few states, such as Colorado and Louisiana, that prevent us from being able to serve businesses that have nexus there.
What does “Touch-free Tax Return” really mean?
We coined the phrase “Touch-free Tax Return” to emphasize the automated nature of our service. After your account is set up with LumaTax, you really never have to log in again. You’ll receive peace-of-mind notifications before and after we file a sales tax return for you - but no action is necessary on your part to stay compliant going forward. It’s true automation - a system designed to work for you (not the other way around).
Does LumaTax hold the sales tax I collect?
No - we never collect or hold the sales tax you collect. When we remit your sales tax to the proper taxing authority at the end of the filing period, we simply provide the state with instructions for debiting your bank account - according to the bank information you provide us with.
What’s included in audit protection?
We can’t guarantee that you won’t be selected for a sales tax audit when you use LumaTax. But we can and do guarantee that if you are chosen for an audit, we’ll defend your business (or pay your accountant to defend you), keep the auditor out of your place of business and generate all of the audit working papers - saving you thousands of dollars in the process.