Get consolidated and divisional financials all in one QuickBooks parent company

Key benefits

  • All your division level company financials translated into a single chart-of-accounts in one QuickBooks parent company. Consolidated and division reporting in QuickBooks, no third party dashboards to learn or captive control over your financials
  • With everything in QuickBooks, internal controls are tightened and critical resources are no longer consumed maintaining consolidation spreadsheets. Get control over prior periods with alerts of any changes across your parent and subsidiary companies
  • Easy to set up and integrate into existing close processes. Map different chart-of-accounts across your companies with ease. Flexibility over consolidation periods; month, quarter or year. Translate foreign currency companies (coming soon)

How it works with QuickBooks

JustConsolidate was purpose-built for QuickBooks Online to enable accountants to consolidate financials from multiple QuickBooks companies into one consolidated parent company. Using JustConsolidate begins with connecting your parent and subsidiary companies followed by mapping each of the chart-of-accounts. Consolidated financials for a fiscal period are created when extracted balances from a subsidiary are translated into the chart-of-accounts of the parent and posted as a journal entry, by division, to the parent company in QuickBooks for segment and consolidated reporting


You've survived long enough with complex spreadsheets to prepare and report your consolidated financials. They’re static, a control risk and a constant burden to maintain. With JustConsolidate, you get a consolidation process fully integrated into QuickBooks so you’re able to use the QuickBooks report center for your consolidated and division level reporting from one parent company. We offer flexible workflows that support a variety of fiscal period choices, subsidiary close schedules and mixed chart-of-accounts. Check for prior period changes anytime with one click so you're never out-of-sync. It's all in QuickBooks, where it should be!



Terms and Conditions
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Single Account $5/connected company/month + $50 base fee/month Unlimited monthly account subscription fee is driven only by the number of companies connected (parent + subsidiaries) – there is no limit on how many companies can be connected and you can have multiple users on your account (we don’t charge per user)
Enterprise Plans contact us for custom pricing Unlimited ideal for accounting service providers, franchises and other multi-units who have multiple accounts and are looking for a scalable pricing plan

Subscribers can connect with us through our in-app chat, or by emailing support@justconsolidate.com. There's also a self-support user guide with FAQs at https://support.justconsolidate.com


Online support:


How is my data secure when synced with this app?
JustConsolidate is cloud-based software hosted on Amazon Web Services and protected by Cloudflare. All data is transmitted using 128-bit encryption over TLS 1.3, which is the fastest and most secure version of SSL available today. Your data is secure, never shared with third-parties, and our automatic daily backups can save the day in the event of a catastrophe or accidental deletion
Is data in my companies altered in any way once connected to this app?
Our system only extracts data from your subsidiary companies so there is NO risk of any data corruption. Our system does post translated balances to your Parent company in QuickBooks. However, the postings are ordinary journal entries so by design, they do not overwrite any existing data whatsoever. If a user needs to reverse a posting to re-consolidate, they must do so manually as the system is designed to only post entries, not delete
Do I need to start a new Parent company in QuickBooks Online to use with this app or can I use an existing company?
If you have an existing parent company in QuickBooks Online with consolidated historical financials, you can assign this as your parent company in our system as we don't overwrite data, just add to it. Otherwise, you will need to create a new company in QuickBooks to assign as your parent. Your parent company must have the 'Track Locations' feature so our system can create and post to separate divisions (this feature is currently only available with the QuickBooks Online Plus subscription level)
How do I consolidate with this app if I have multiple levels of consolidation points in my company structure?
If your entity structure has more than two levels (i.e. a parent company that rolls up to another parent company), you will need a separate subscription to consolidate each parent company. A lower level parent company simply becomes a subsidiary of the next level up parent company. Contact us to create an Enterprise price plan to waive the Base Fee component on your multiple subscriptions required in this scenario