The most powerful and comprehensive self-service customer web portal


GoToMyAccounts allows QuickBooks users to instantly create an online portal for customers and staff. Customers can log in, view invoices and statements, and make payments. Invoices can be generated either online or via the web portal.

Staff Dashboard

Dashboard (home) screen on staff side of the web portal.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal Summary Page.

Online Payment Screen

Customers can easily submit online invoice payments.

Online Check (eCheck Payments)

GoToMyAccounts has built-in eCheck payments - no fees, and no points!

Credit Card Payments

Our Credit Card payment screens are easy and intuitive.

Staff Dashboard
Customer Portal
Online Payment Screen
Online Check (eCheck Payments)
Credit Card Payments



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The following are samples from our pricing page. Many different licensing combinations are available. All pricing is in US Dollars.

FREE 0.00 10 1 Staff, 10 Customer Users
GoToMyAccounts 50 17.19 USD 50 1 Staff User, 50 Customer Users
GoToMyAccounts 100 34.38 USD 100 1 Staff users, 100 Customer Users
GoToMyAccounts 250 77.63 USD 250 1 Staff, 250 Customer Users
GoToMyAccounts 500 120.75 USD 500 1 Staff, 500 Customer Users

We provide both in-app and ticket-based customer support.


Online support:


Can I have a custom URL for my web portal?
Yes. This option is available as an add-on with a monthly cost of $9.95 and an annual fee of $95.00.
What payment methods and/or payment processors are supported?, Stripe, PayPal, PayJunction, Offline Credit Card, Online Check (eCheck), Bank Wire
Can I change my portal host name (
You can change the host name of your portal. This must be done with the Super User account only.
I want a custom page or some custom functionality. Can this be done?
We have done customizations for many accounts. We can do just about anything you want. We have even created a custom document portal that pulls data from a local office in real-time for display in the web portal. A customization of the web portal is one of the most powerful implementations of GoToMyAccounts.