Give to Charities. Reach more Customers.

Key benefits

  • Time-Saving: Easiest way to donate monthly to one or more of your favorite charities.
  • Brand-Strengthening: Consumers care about giving; G1VE promotes yours to reach customers.
  • Tax-Friendly: Your 100% deductible giving in a simple, combined record makes tax time a breeze.

How it works with QuickBooks

Using G1VE is easy: 1] You choose the percentage of revenue you wish to give each month, which Charities you support, and how much of your overall donation should go to each. 2] Integrated with QuickBooks Online, each month G1VE calculates your monthly donation amount based on your revenue, then collects and distributes it to your chosen Charities. 3] G1VE provides reports and records for tax time, and promotes your giving to reach new customers. Now you can automate and securely manage all of your giving in one place via your QuickBooks Single Sign-On.


G1VE makes it easy and rewarding to give to Charities, strengthen your brand, and reach new customers. Customers want to know - AND support - businesses who give; G1VE is your charity 'portfolio manager' and 'marketing evangelist'!



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No contracts or hidden fees; just monthly donations to Charities. To keep its lights on (and cover credit card fees), G1VE deducts a fraction from your total monthly donation. Low risk: if dissatisfied, we'll donate a month’s fee to charity.

G1VE See Details Column (to the right) N/A Each month G1VE calculates your total monthly donation amount ($25 minimum) and collects it from your credit card on file. G1VE deducts Stripe’s fee (2.9% + $0.30), and G1VE’s 3% fee (minimum $9.99), and distributes the rest to your chosen Charities.

G1VE is here to help! Reach us by email or phone from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Mountain Time M-F. We respond to inquiries within one business day.


Online support:


What is G1VE?
A registered public Benefit corporation (“B-Corp”), G1VE is a new way for businesses to easily donate to their choice of leading accredited charities, strengthen their brand, reach new customers, and connect with their communities. 100% tax-deductible, G1VE is a clearinghouse of numerous charities, enabling businesses to manage their giving in a single location, and have it promoted to help them reach new customers.
How does G1VE work?
Using G1VE is easy: You choose the percentage of revenue you wish to give each month, which charities you support, and how much of your overall donation should go to each. Then G1VE takes care of the rest: calculating, collecting, and distributing your donation each month, providing reports and records for tax time, and promoting your business to reach new customers. For more details, please visit www.G1VE.org.
What types of businesses can join G1VE?
Any type of business, in any type of industry, and of any size can use G1VE. Whether you’re brick-and-mortar, online, or both, and whether you’re “business to business” or “business to consumer”, you can use G1VE. As long as you use QuickBooks Online and are US-based, G1VE is the best way to support charities and reach new customers. G1VE is your charity “portfolio manager” and your “good deeds” marketing evangelist!
Which charities are part of G1VE?
G1VE’s portfolio of participating charities continues to grow (see the current list at www.G1VE.org)! We focus on accredited, 501(c)(3) entities serving a range of causes (children's well-being, disaster relief, environment, etc). If you don't see your favorite charity (local or national), please recommend it at info@g1ve.org!