The simplest and most powerful dashboard and cash flow forecasting tool.

Key benefits

  • In just 5 minutes get over 30 of the most critical metrics and a cash flow forecast for your business. It detects anomalies and sends you key alerts about unexpected bills, late payments or if you’re going to run low on cash.
  • Get started easily with no data entry and unleash the power of our CashLearn predictive technology to avoid cash surprises.
  • The only cash flow tool with a companion mobile app for iOS and Android.

How it works with QuickBooks

CashFlowTool securely connects to QuickBooks Online, Desktop and Enterprise and immediately unlocks powerful cash flow insights. With CashLearn, our patent-pending artificial intelligence, CashFlowTool predicts the future with confidence, so you can understand your current and future cash flow situation. You can track your daily cash balance, the best time to pay your bills, or when you need to get outstanding invoices paid. Enable automatic updates on a schedule that you define, ensuring CashFlowTool is always up-to-date.


• Cash flow calendar: Heatmap displays shades of green for positive cash balance days and red for any forecasted cash flow shortfalls. • Anomaly detector and alerts: See unexpected bills, late payments that are due or out-of-cash predictions. • Built-in video coaching: Finagraph experts are available to quickly explain critical concepts in non-accounting terms and give recommendations. • Unlimited users: Invite anyone and keep your team up-to-date. • View and export to Excel: It’s simple to see the complete cash flow forecast directly in Excel with preformatted templates for easy scanning and editing.



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Free trial, no credit card required.

Essentials $50 Unlimited Single business / per month
Pro $75 Unlimited Single business / per month
Accounting Firms $250 Unlimited See our website for details.

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Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, we offer a 14 day trial. No credit card required.
What versions of QuickBooks does work with? supports both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop version.
Do you offer special pricing for accountants and bookkeepers?
Yes. You can find complete details on our pricing plans