DataQlick Inventory & Sales Automation

Making your accounting better

Key benefits

  • Integrated Sales with real-time syncing for the most popular ecommerce platforms
  • Inventory Management utilizing color-coded quantity levels and bundles for complete control
  • Intuitive Purchasing for inventory replenishment, split receipts, prepayments and landed costs

How it works with QuickBooks

DataQlick is a process management tool that allows the seamless integration of sales channels with QuickBooks Online, reducing the need to enter orders manually. DataQlick automatically tracks all connected sales channels. It syncs all orders, inventory, and customers from online stores and marketplaces, posting them directly into QuickBooks in real time.


✅ Save time and money by automating bookkeeping & reducing manual data entry

✅ Put your mind at ease knowing that your e-commerce accounting is accurate and up-to-date

✅ Optimize and simplify preorders, backorders, and order splitting by utilizing sales orders

✅ Rely on a more accurate inventory count from properly recorded sales and returns

✅ Properly record shipping, discounts and sales tax

14-day free trial. No credit card required to join. Cancel anytime.

Sales Integration to Accounting $49 per mo Unlimited 1 accounting + 1 ecommerce(sales channel) platforms and 500 transactions per month. Additional 500 transactions - $29/mo. Additional sales channels - $29/month

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How do I setup DataQlick?
It’s easy! There’s nothing to install or configure. Just connect using Get App Now button and the entire sync with QuickBooks is done for you. Within minutes you will be able to view and manage product details and inventory levels; create invoices using multi-price tiers; establish reorder points and visualize color-coded inventory levels.
Why aren’t Purchase Orders synced to QuickBooks Online?
Purchase Orders are non-posting transactions. Since DataQlick allows for partial PO receiving, and QuickBooks Online does not, DataQlick manages all purchases and does not sync POs to your accounting system. This eliminates errors and conflicts due to changes in one system but not the other, while still offering robust inventory reporting and management. Once items are received, the inventory will be updated in both DataQlick and QuickBooks.
Can Bills be created in QuickBooks Online by DataQlick?
Yes. Bills created in DataQlick will be created in your accounting system. Even though Purchase orders are managed outside of QuickBooks, you can process any Bill payment into QuickBooks. It will have a reference to PO transaction in DataQlick. Bill processing is more flexible in DataQlick and allows for prepayment of supplier invoice providing complete transparency and control over the Purchase Order.