Easy cash flow forecasting - visualise your future bank balance


How much cash will you have in the bank tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Float integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks to automatically create a cash flow forecast to give you this insight. Faster and simpler than Excel. Plus it never goes out of date!

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Cash Flow Forecasting

Whether you want a top level view of your cash situation month by month, or a weekly view of the quarter ahead, or a granular picture of the incomings and outgoings on a daily basis...you’re going to love Float! Our tool means you can quickly and easily manage your short-term cash, produce a quarterly report for your board *and* do long term strategic planning.

Drill into the numbers

Have you ever looked at a spreadsheet and thought “what on earth does the number in that cell mean”? With Float you’ll never have to worry about that again. You can drill into the detail behind the numbers and make notes, meaning you’re never more than a click away from completely understanding your numbers.

Manage Your Bills and Invoices

Our QuickBooks integration makes cash flow projections based on the due dates on your bills and invoices. You then have further control to manually update that data to better reflect what’s actually happening. Have a client that always pays on the last Thursday of the month? Want to split a bill? You can make changes with a few clicks of the mouse.

“It’s Awesome” - Customer Testimonial

“I have recommended Float to people, and when I do I always say: ‘It’s awesome because I can see where our business is going to be in six months’.” James Turner, Founder, KennedyTurner

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Daily, Weekly & Monthly Cash Flow Forecasting
Drill into the numbers
Manage Your Bills and Invoices
“It’s Awesome” - Customer Testimonial



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Choose a plan based on the number of users and the number of scenarios you want. Fancy a test drive? Start your 30 day free trial!

Medium $59 per month 3 Share your cash flow forecast with two of your key advisors (eg/. a member of your board or executive team and your financial controller or accountant. Comes with 5 additional scenarios for planning different futures and making spending decisions.
Large (Team of 10) $119 per month 10 An enterprise level plan for when you have lots of stakeholders who want visibility of the cash flow. Comes with 10 additional scenarios for planning and spending.
Extra Large (Team of 100) $249 per month 100 An extra large enterprise level plan for when you have lots of stakeholders who want visibility of the cash flow. Comes with 100 additional scenarios and a dedicated account manager.



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How does it work?
Our app integrates with QuickBooks to automatically pull in your historic data and use it to project into the future. As you raise invoices and receive bills in QuickBooks, we look at the credit terms and forecast when the cash will move in and out of your account. The result is you can predict what your bank balance will be at any point in the future.
Why should I do short term cash flow forecasting?
Managing your short term cash flow means you won't lie awake at night worrying about making payroll this month. It means you will have a much tighter handle on collecting the cash that is owed to you. It means you will always have enough cash in your bank account to meet your obligations. You will spend less time firefighting finance and more time focussed on growing your business. Our seamless integration with QuickBooks means that your forecast will always be up to date.
Why should I do longer term cash flow forecasting?
77% of our subscribers say that Float helps them make better business decisions. Longer term cash flow forecasting means that you can ask and answer some extremely difficult questions about the future. Can I afford to make a new hire? What will happen to my bank balance if sales increase/decline over the next 6 months? Should I buy or lease the new company car? Our QuickBooks integration means you can create a base, long-term projection based on historic averages and build on it.