Stripe by Cloud Cart Connector

Sync unpaid invoices from QuickBooks to Stripe, sync payment back to QuickBooks.

Key benefits

  • On a scheduled basis, Cloud Cart Connector can sync unpaid invoices from QuickBooks to Stripe and Stripe will email an electronic payment link to customers. When your customer pays the order, Cloud Cart will mark
  • No files or web site plugins required. Cloud Cart syncs sales on a scheduled basis in the background, even if you are logged off from QuickBooks.
  • Use Stripe as your payment processor.

How it works with QuickBooks

Create an invoice in QuickBooks. In the background, Cloud Cart will sync them to Stripe every fifteen minutes. When the customer pays, our software will sync the payment and mark the order as paid in QuickBooks.


Sync invoices from QuickBooks to Stripe automatically! Users will receive an electronic payment link from Stripe and when the order is paid, Cloud Cart will sync the payment to QuickBooks.

14 day free trial, no credit card. Plans start at $49/mo. $249 one-time activation fee charged separately.

6,000 Orders 49 1 Sync up to 6,000 orders per year with one connection.
18,000 Orders 69 1 Sync up to 18,000 orders per year with up to two connections.
30,000 Orders 99 1 Sync up to 30,000 orders per year with up to four connections.
Unlimited Orders 199 1 Sync an 60,000 orders with up to eight connections.

Support is available Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Please email

(781) 330-0737
Online support:


How do I install the integration?
There are no files to install and everything is configured over the web. For more info, see this article: